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A Peek Into The Life Of Hjordis Fogelberg-Ibiza Guide

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Dear Hjordis (Ibiza guide),
Thank you for allowing us to interview you about your Ibiza guide books and we look forward to supporting you in all your future endeavors,
The Elly Herd

An inquisitive mind is a happy mind and we love to find out a little more about the amazing people we work with. Hjordis Fogelberg, artist & author of the best-selling Ibiza guide My Ibiza & Formentera has been extremely busy over the years compiling content for her heartfelt guide. The guide is your one-stop-shop if you want to experience the side of Ibiza we all know and love, with bespoke insider tips about Hjordis´s favourite spots on both Ibiza & Formentera.

Born in Barcelona but raised in Ibiza, Hjordis has spent some time in the UK but calls Ibiza home. If living in Ibiza weren´t an option, Hjordis would quite happily move to the paradise island of Formentera. Passion is what drives most creative minds and it is no different for Hjordis who has always been an artist. Her passion for drawing is her favourite type of meditation and along with the poetic words of Jim Morrison from The Doors, it has helped her through any confusing or sad times. Hjordis is both a nighttime nutter and a daytime dreamer and often becomes annoyingly creative at night, waking up surrounded by post-its so as not to forget a single middle-of-the-night brainwave!

After spending the majority of her childhood filling up sketchbooks, Hjordis chose to study Graphic Design to lead her in a more commercial direction. Despite this, Hjordis has gone full circle and while deciding how to approach the visuals for her guide, realized that after illustrating the cover for the First Edition, the whole guide was better suited to her beautiful water colour sketches right the way through, rather than photographs.

If a complete career & lifestyle change were on the books for Hjordis for 1 year, we would have to visit this impressive character in Hawaii, spending her days as a pro surfer simultaneously possessing her chosen super power of flight in order to travel more & visit friends at will! While this is not currently an option, Hjordis is spreading her wings here on the island and is involved in another fantastic project – Love Ibiza Now. It is clear to see from her work that Hjordis has a deep love for our beautiful islands and so it came as no surprise to hear of her latest project, in collaboration with her friend Ana Lui. This venture is a conscientious effort to promote awareness, exercise this awareness and work together to maintain the beauty of our islands. The fresh Ibiza air is one of the things that Hjordis misses most while away so let´s all do our part to help protect our surroundings. Shop now Ibiza Guide