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Glitter Signs: A Form of Art

love glitter sign

Why glitter signs? When it comes to making a statement or adding a touch of personality to a space, people often turn to art. However, traditional paintings or sculptures aren’t the only options available. One unique form of art that has been gaining popularity recently is glitter signs. These colourful and eye-catching creations have become a popular way to add a bit of sparkle and fun to any room.

Designed in Ibiza by Victoria for La Galeria Elefante and handmade in India by a small artisan family business we work with, each sign is handmade with love and so styles & sizes vary. Each one has 2 hooks on the back for hanging on the wall. Read more about Victoria’s original glitter signs, now lovingly filling the walls at La Galeria Elefante.

The Beauty of Glitter Signs

Glitter signs are a unique form of art that utilises a combination of colours, textures and materials to create a dazzling display. These signs can be customised to match any style or theme, making them a versatile choice for any space. The use of glitter adds an element of fun and whimsy, while still maintaining a chic and sophisticated aesthetic.

Another benefit of glitter signs is that they are incredibly durable. Unlike traditional paintings or prints, these signs are created with a sturdy wooden backing that can withstand wear and tear. Additionally, the glitter itself is coated in a clear adhesive, ensuring that it stays in place and doesn’t flake off over time.

silver peace glitter sign

The Process of Creating a Glitter Sign

The process of creating a glitter sign is both intricate and time-consuming. First, a design is chosen and sketched onto a piece of wood or another sturdy backing. Then, the design is traced with a clear adhesive and covered with glitter and mosaics. This process is repeated until the entire design is filled in with glitter and mosaics, creating a sparkling and colourful display.

One of the great things about glitter signs is that they suit a number of spaces or occasions. Whether you’re looking for a sign to hang in your home, a wedding or party decoration, or a unique piece of art for your business, glitter signs are a great choice.

Our glitter signs share uplifting messages like LOVE, ELEVATE, PEACE, MAGIC, BE KIND and YES or the mischievous FUCK IT! for when you’re in a playful mood. If the messages are not your cup of tea, why not go for the beautiful angel wings, the Hand of Hamsa or even the Tree of Life.

Fuckit Glitter Sign Silver

The Bottom Line

Glitter signs are a unique and beautiful form of art that adds a touch of personality and sparkle to any space. With their durability, versatility, and customisation options, they are a great choice for anyone looking to add a bit of fun and whimsy to their decor. So why not try incorporating a glitter sign into your home or business and see for yourself the beauty and charm they can bring?

Travelling to India and Kenya: Victoria’s latest adventure

Elephants In Kenya
Travelling To India And Kenya: Victorias Latest Adventure

You have returned from incredible looking travels, can you tell us where you went first?
I went to Delhi first, working with the artisans and NGO (SEWA) for the first 5 days, and then on to Jaipur to work with artisans on hand block prints and also some recycling.
You donated food to a Leper Colony, can you tell us more about the experience and why you choose to do this?
Very sadly and suddenly I heard the news that my brother died on my arriving to India and so I decided to go to the Monkey temple to do a blessing for him as I wasn’t going to be able to get back for his funeral. I wanted to give something in his honour and the leper colony is something close to my heart so I bought provisions for them and they were so grateful and happy – it was deeply touching… and so sad these people still suffer with leprosy.
When shopping in India, what are you looking for? 
Fabrics, interesting crafts, beautiful textiles with lovely hand block prints, paper crafts, jewellery and the makers of all beautiful things!! The world of artisans in India is extraordinary and so inspiring and beautiful to see.
What new items can we expect to see in La Galeria Elefante from this trip? 
A beautiful collection of cotton and silk dresses made from recycled saris in some of our signature styles. More paper scrolls in different prints, lovely jewellery and some amazing ponchos made with a patchwork of mixed wool shawls!
What do you love most about India and why? 
Artisans – creativity and the inspiration that one absorbs daily! Plus all the colourful things you see everywhere… and then a washing line full of white saris in the middle of the road behind the Jain temple – the Jain nuns only wear white – round every corner is a treat for the eyes – there is always something!
Your next stop was Kenya, what made you choose this destination? 
For a holiday – sun/sea and then safari… always been attracted to seeing and feeling a large space where animals roam in freedom in the wild. I hadn’t done such a safari before and will definitely repeat this. Also, we did a tree planting ceremony at my wonderful friend Carolyn Roumeguere’s place, to honour my brothers life and his love for Kenya.
The accommodation looked wonderful, can you tell us more about it? 
Fuzz´s camp is situated in Borana near Nanyuki and Lewa in Laikipia. The camp is small and private, owned by Fuzz Dyer and his wife Bimbi. It has a lovely comfortable sitting room-lounge, an outside bar and a large dining mess tent. There are 5 luxurious tents with private bathrooms and terrace areas and super comfy beds!
The large fire pit is lit at night and early morning and the day starts with a very healthy and hearty breakfast and plans for the day ahead. There are a few options – to go riding with Bimbi (Fuzz’s wife) – she has 24 horses and can take you on amazing rides with 2 rangers in case of lions and explore the land on horseback, or go for walks and trekking with Fuzz – or otherwise sit in his comfortable open Land Rover and drive around the large open space – where Fuzz points out all the wild animals, especially the various different types of antelope, and there are always giraffes, elephants (many babies), baboons, zebras, rhinos, buffalo, gazelles, eilans, kudus, and many more antelope and the fabulous amount of beautiful and amazing birds – including the tawny eagle and the marshal eagle – which literally made my mouth drop and spent most of the day looking more goofy than usual!
The land itself is where Disney came and had the inspiration for the movie:  Lion King and you can see the famous “Pride rock” and the incredible rocky area and river that is also in the movie. It is also where David Attenborough has made documentaries on several occasions. The land is simply vast and so spacious and full of wild animals.
Fuzz is a director and conservation specialist and established the first black rhino sanctuary in Lewa, the property next door. The camp is a way for him to fund his conservation programmes and also help schools in the local villages. And it is worth every penny.
We loved it and plan to return!

Finally did you buy anything new for La Galeria Elefante in Kenya? 

More Masai pieces, beaded bracelets, baskets and kikoys (the cotton sarongs) as well as glass engraved bottles – plus a potential project with amazing artists that used to work with Peter Beard in Nairobi.

Travelling To India And Kenya: Victorias Latest Adventure

The LOVE interview with Victoria Durrer-Gasse

The Love Interview With Victoria Durrer Gasse

LOVE means many things to many people, what does love mean to you? 

Love – it’s important to learn to love yourself and learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes. Being present in the now. Being kind and compassionate – reading in between the lines and understanding the layers we all have.

You have been with your husband François for 37 years, what would be your secret to keeping love in a long term relationship? 

Same sense of humour is essential and to share the same morals. Recognition when the other needs space. Supporting and encouraging each other when needed. To be able to truly listen and to also be heard!

The Love Interview With Victoria Durrer Gasse

Your home is a treasure trove of belongings collected from all over the world –  if you could select 3 things you love the most what would they be? 

A small stone angel my grandmother gave me dating around the 15th century, my Zi bead we bought 36 years ago in Bhutan and a wooden statue we have in our bedroom of a couple from the Dogon tribe Mali.

La Galeria Elefante is brimming with absolutely beautiful items. Which do you love the most and why? 

I love so many things in there – all of which I would have in my house – if I had room! I think the pieces I favour the most at the moment are the vintage Rajasthani textile cushions mixed with fabulous trims and ribbons.

What do you love most about Ibiza? 

Pretty old fincas, (nothing over renovated or looking too Miami!) the beautiful blue skies and the clear light (especially in the winter), the colour of the sea and the wonderful variety of people you meet here!

If you were to gift one item from the store for Valentine’s Day, what would it be? 

I think the best gift is the lavender hand made silk velvet multi coloured nap cushion with eye mask, perfect for traveling and perfect for both boys and girls!

John Lewis x La Galeria Elefante Capsule Collection Autumn / Winter 2022 / 2023

John Lewis X La Galeria Elefante Capsule Collection Autumn / Winter 2022 / 2023

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. I am both joyful and extremely grateful that John Lewis have chosen to collaborate with us once again to produce our 1st autumn / winter collection following many successful summer collections.

The prints for the collection are inspired by starry evenings under night skies and warm winter light, awakening the desire to wear cosy and comfy clothing while still exuding a feminine flair.

These versatile pieces are perfect additions to your winter wardrobe and look fab layered with an oversized jumper or a long velvet coat and your favourite boots.
Dress to impress while feeling more comfortable than ever in these casually luxurious pieces.

All pieces are bespoke to John Lewis but taken from our own original designs which can be found in our collections in other prints and fabrics too! The pieces are made from soft “eco vera” rayon and soft drapey velvets, nostalgic of Ibiza in the ’70s, with hints of global boho cultures.
Eco Vera is rayon produced using less water and pesticides, making it eco friendly and sustainable.

Included in this years’ collection, with bespoke alterations and available in 2 sizes, S/M & M/L, are the Velvet Mexican Dress, the Jody Dress, the Velvet Overshirt and the Velvet Wide Leg Trousers.

The Velvet Mexican Dress

The Velvet Mexican Dress is a midi length dress with long balloon-style sleeves, ruched at the cuffs, channeling an elegantly fun ’70s vibe.
It features a v-neckline and a three-tiered skirt with pockets for the ultimate boho look. There’s a zip on the side and it’s available in black or in rust.

Shop The Velvet Mexican Dress

The Jody Dress 

Jody Fern Midi Dress, Aubergine/Tea La Galeria Elefante Ibiza 260

The Jody Dress is our own signature boho midi dress, but with a few bespoke alterations.
The prints are reminiscent of walks through Ibiza pine forests under clear winter skies and the dress is perfect for daytime dancing or evening shindigs.
Its bohemian style is matched by the blouson sleeves and frilled, rounded neckline, with elastic shirring under the bust to define your shape and make way for the flared A-line cut.
Choose between the burgundy & warm cream fern print or the black & dusty pink star print.

Shop The Jody Dress

The Velvet Overshirt

The Velvet Overshirt is a fun and funky loose-fitting velvet shirt with an oh-so retro vibe! It is slightly longer at the back, has button-up cuffs and a button-up front with a full collar.
Available in a gorgeously warm rust colour.

Shop The Velvet Overshirt

The Velvet Wide Leg Trousers

The Velvet Wide Leg Trousers are the perfect winter palazzo pants, loose-fitting and wonderfully comfortable. These soft, wide leg trousers have an elasticated waist for ultimate lounging and are available in the same gorgeously warm rust as the Overshirt.

Shop The Velvet Wide Leg Trousers

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it with my dear friend Penny McIvor.

Huge thanks to the entire John Lewis team for their continued support and of course thank you to all of you, our beloved customers worldwide!

We are over excited that the new autumn / winter capsule collection with John Lewis is now in stores and can be found online!

If you’re in the UK, pop in to John Lewis Oxford Street, Peter Jones Sloane Square or John Lewis in Kingston

Also available on our own website in other pretty prints and fits.


La Galeria Elefante in Monsoon

Monsoon Selection 2022 - Victoria Durrer-Gasse

Always humbled by collaborations with well known brands, I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the Brands Bazaar section for Monsoon and of course said yes instantly!  Monsoon is a British brand with an eye for true beauty, colourful prints, fabrics or embellishments. They design in-house, source globally and ethically and are dedicated to delivering keepsake quality. Born out of a bohemian adventure, celebrating the colours, patterns, and craftsmanship encountered on world travels, Monsoon is now on a journey back to those roots and this re-discovery sent them back to their origins in Ibiza, the birthplace of the Monsoon concept, to collaborate with some creative souls, who share a free-spirited attitude and inspire their products today.

As well as visiting La Galeria Elefante many times & sourcing some of our pieces for their sustainable ‘Brands Bazaar’ selection, Monsoon interviewed me about my teenage years in Ibiza, inspirational women, and my passions.

You can read all about it here.


John Lewis x La Galeria Elefante Capsule Collection Summer 2022

John Lewis Summer 22

I could not be happier with our 3rd summer collection in collaboration with John Lewis. Working relationships are sacred and I am forever grateful to be working with such wonderful brands!

The 2022 collection features floaty boho maxi & midi dresses, this year with the addition of a playful jumpsuit! Made from soft, sustainable cotton and EcoVero rayon, the designs are inspired by global textiles, nature and the beauty of Ibiza, in pretty leaf prints, paisleys and abstract prints. Each piece tells its own story.

Included in this years’ collection, with bespoke alterations, are the Kimono Dress, the Tash Dress, the Jody Dress and the Jumpsuit.

The inspiration for the prints in the Summer 2022 collection stem from walks down memory lane, as well as evening strolls in the magical light of Ibiza nature and long swims in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The cotton pieces are made using BCI which is the “Better Cotton Initiative” –  the concept of growing cotton with judicious use of water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, to reduce the environmental footprint of cotton farming.

The rayon pieces are made using EcoVero rayon, the eco friendly version of rayon which uses less water and pesticides. The production of EcoVero causes 50% less emissions and takes up half as much energy and water in addition to its pulp bleaching being 100% chlorine-free.

The Kimono Dress is an all-time favourite, repeated due to popular demand. It’s a long, cotton v-neck dress with a tie at the back and a fitted waist that flares out to a full skirt, accented by the 3/4 length kimono sleeves. Prints inspired by the island’s sun, fields and sea.
Available in a Green Fern Print or in a Yellow Kaleidoscope Print.

The Jumpsuit 

This playful Jumpsuit is an oversized one-piece, with a v-neckline and a zip-up front. It features a tie with a tassel at the back and it has pockets too! The wide legs make it the perfect summer outfit for beaching, boating or boogying!
Available in a Cream Ikat Print.

The Tash Dress

The Tash Dress is a loose fitting midi dress with a high waist and a round neckline. It features capped sleeves and is available in a fun teal star tile print and a blue & white abstract kaleidoscope print, inspired by dreamy evenings under starry Ibiza skies.
Available in Blue Kaleidoscope Print and a Teal Star Tile Print.

The Jody Dress

The Jody Dress is our own signature boho maxi dress, but with a few bespoke alterations. The prints are reminiscent of Ibiza sunsets over the sea and it’s the perfect holiday dress for both daytime and evening wear. This long, cotton maxi dress has a tiered skirt, perfect for twirling in. Its bohemian style is matched by the blouson sleeves and frilled, rounded neckline, with elastic shirring under the bust to define your shape and make way for the flared A-line cut.
Available in a Pink Floral Print and in a Blue Paisley Print.

Available at Peter Jones in Sloane Square or John Lewis on Oxford Street, in Kingston and in Cheadle as well as in-store and online.

Also available on our own website in other pretty prints and fits.

Boutique Hotel Can Talaias

Boutique Hotel Can Talaias
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We recently had the great pleasure of styling our latest collection of fashion and homeware at the rural boutique hotel hideaway, Can Talaias. With its beautiful interior and stunning views, it was the perfect setting for our photoshoot, made even more fun by our wonderful hosts, Cushan, Leti and the extended family of Vita the podenco, Pi the pooch, Mona the cat and the star of the show, Miss Piggy, only cajoled into joining us by hands full of cat food!
Giggling and dancing around the grounds, we instantly felt at home and so were able to set the mood for our spring colours photoshoot, captured by one of our favourite resident photographers, Gypsy Westwood. Every corner of this countryside hotel is elegantly styled; the rooms are classically chic, the decor is on fleek and family heirlooms scattered throughout add an extra nostalgic glow. Can Talaias is a pleasure to visit and we highly recommend it as your go-to venue for events including weddings and photoshoots. If you’re looking for a romantic venue for a delicious Mediterranean meal, be sure to reserve your table at the Can Talaias restaurant, open to the public by reservation only. For bookings please call +34 649 913 812.
Take a look at our Ibiza lifestyle photoshoot here

A haven of peace and serenity, surrounded by hills and pine forests, just above the picturesque village of San Carlos, it boasts the magical charm of nature and authentic simplicity.

Originally the home of one of the island’s most celebrated residents, English actor Terry-Thomas and wife Belinda, who in 1967 discovered a rundown hilltop finca and designed their dream family home, in keeping with the traditional Ibicencan style – but with a few distinctive T-T touches.

Now run by their youngest son, Cushan and wife Laetitia, Boutique Hotel Can Talaias became one of the first rural hotel (agroturismos) on the island and is a wonderful place to stay, relax and take in the magical colours of the Ibiza sunset, the bright starry nights and the stunning moonlit sea.

Read more about Terry-Thomas and the history of Can Talaias here Find out more about staying at Can Talaias here

Devoted Designers


Shop owning is a multi faceted business that keeps me on my toes! The really fun parts include sourcing treasures and selecting designers to showcase in-store. As a designer myself, I’m often up at all hours finalising clothing prints with designers in India, doodling jewellery ideas, preparing pieces for the homewares section and crafting baskets, lamps and other pieces for the shop. I fully understand how difficult it is to self-promote and so appreciate every day that I have the perfect outlet not only for my own pieces but also for the amazing items made by designers I adore. Meeting new designers on a daily basis fills me with love for my chosen path and so I would like to introduce to you a few of the designers I passionately promote at La Galeria Elefante.

Here are a few designers I have had the pleasure to work with and would love for you to know more about.

Upload Image...
Upload Image...

Scarlett Day Jewellery. Nurturing a love of fine jewellery while working with us at La Galeria Elefante over the years, Scarlett was initially influenced while working for a jeweller many years ago in Goa. Born with a love of crystals and an eye for the magnificent, Scarlett created her own self-named brand of beautifully elegant and accessible pieces. The Scarlett Day collections include easy to wear earrings, stunning rings carefully crafted using semi precious stones and wonderful pendants, all made from 9 carat gold and zealously designed by Scarlett herself. Scarlett devours the inspiration that surrounds her and adds a sparkle of magic to every piece created. Keep an eye out for her yearly collections and be sure to pop in to see them.

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Olivia Dar. With a passion for wanderlust and a lifelong love of artisanal traditions and Indian crafts, Italian born Olivia settled in India to begin a career designing embroideries and accessories for haute couture labels. Olivia’s career soon blossomed into a company of her own, creating a haven of fair working conditions for her employees and producing spectacular hand made jewellery, clothing and accessories. The hand beaded statement earrings in the shape of birds, fish and even jelly fish are just fabulous and the velvet embroidered purses are colourful fun! Olivia’s Nooristani coats are works of art and the embroidery on them tells a story of its own.

Upload Image...

Sophie Theakston. Influenced by her family of jewellers, Sophie has an inherent love of jewellery. Returning to college to study jewellery design and production, Sophie’s love became a passion. Fascinated by ancient designs and beliefs, Sophie’s pieces are permeated with symbolism and each made with 18 carat gold and gemstones. Sophie truly believes that a person’s jewellery represents their lifestyle and tells the tale of their journey and loves the “sense of permanence and that deeper connection with who we are and what we hold dear.” Sophie’s collections include striking rings, elegant earrings, easy-to-wear bracelets and dainty necklaces and I think they are stunning.  

Upload Image...
If you are a designer and think your pieces might harmonise well with our own pieces and those of the designers we love, please don’t hesitate to email us and get in touch. We support talent in all shapes and sizes and would love to help you boost your brand if it complements our own. 
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Artisanal Artistry

Artisanal Artistry

Artisanal Artistry

With a love for all things exquisite, over the years, I have curated what I see as a haven for the unique. In a buzzing climate of exponential growth in the material world, I would like to take a minute to honour the artisans, without whom none of this would be possible. Artisans, myself included, are a special breed! Our minds are sponges, continuously soaking up ideas and dreaming, often spending many hours on an idea before it is even put down on paper. The amount of work behind creating a piece of art on any scale is astounding and the thought process can be exhausting. The incredible crafts honed by artisans are often neglected and the final piece of art undervalued. Crafting requires a creative mind and a whole lot of patience! I for one hugely appreciate the work of all artisans near and far and not only love working with them to create my own pieces but I also love supporting, encouraging and promoting them as much as possible. The stories behind the crafting process are as wonderful as the outcome and any small irregularities are part of the journey the item has been on before it becomes yours.

Here are a few artisans and artisanal crafts I am particularly enamoured with and would love for you to know more about.

Dresses Low Res Scaled
Dresses Low Res Scaled

Decoupage. Handmade by artisan sisters in the UK, our collection of decoupage pieces is always a conversation starter. For those of you who aren’t familiar with decoupage, it’s a decorative art dating back to the 12th century. A picture is meticulously cut out and applied using many layers of varnish, creating a final effect that is so perfect it looks as though it has been hand painted. A favourite of mine are the decoupaged soaps; soaps so pretty you won’t want to use them, but you can! Each one takes quite a few hours to make and they are the perfect gift. Pop by to see the coasters from the same artisans as well as the beautiful vases, pots, boxes and bowls.

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Paper-cut Domes. These domes are breathtakingly beautiful. A whole paper cut village is created inside a glass dome, with pictures of our favourite landmarks in Ibiza. Made exclusively for us, these Ibiza domes feature iconic venues in the including the lovely villages of San Joan and our very own Santa Gertrudis. Paper-cut pieces are mounted onto wire to create the 3-d effect of the village and the whole scene is forever encapsulated inside a glass dome – spectacular and such fiddly work! Available in 3 sizes, pop in to choose your favourite. The perfect centrepiece for your coffee table or mantelpiece.

Untitled Design E

Laurance. Fascinated by the endless possibilities of clay, Laurance’s visions shine through in her amazingly quirky and fabulous pieces of pottery. Greatly inspired by cultural travel through lands afar, Laurance not only moulds her pieces but also hand paints them. Each design is brought to life through consistency and colour and each one is somehow more wonderfully whimsical than the next. 

La Galeria Elefante Ibiza

Block Printing. What an astonishing craft! I will never tire of the beauty of hand block printing. Many of you may not fully know about the amount of work that goes into a hand block printed item before the final piece is ready. Hand block printing is predominantly a 5-step process and requires the input of 5 different artisans. If you take a dress for example, it will have been stitched by one artisan, hand dyed by another, hand block printed by a third, quality controlled by a fourth and the design of the prints is done by yet another person! Our hand block printing can be seen on many of our pieces, including the very pretty collection we curate every year with the Women’s Interlink Foundation in India – a whole team of skilled artisans who have been rescued from an underprivileged life and taught a trade. Read more about block printing and about WIF here.

La Galeria Elefante Ibiza
La Galeria Elefante Ibiza
La Galeria Elefante Ibiza

Ibiza Espadrilles. The island of Ibiza has a magic of its own. It has been the muse of many an artist and artisan over the years and has been the birthplace of many a wonderful craft. High on our list of artisanal delights are the Ibiza Espadrille Sandals. The perfect footwear for island hopping in floaty Bohemian dresses or shirts & shorts. They are handmade true to a traditional island craft. They have a rounded toe and can be fastened with the Roman strap closure. The string technique allows your feet to breathe and because they are so light, it feels like you are walking barefoot! Worn by the traditional, folkloric “Ball Pagès” dancers, these lovely sandals are inspired by the light, the sea and the Ibiza breeze and each pair is meticulously worked from natural cactus fibres and has a rubber soul. Passed down through the generations, this is a local artisan craft that we feel is important to keep alive, not only because we love the sandals, but also because it is an incredible craft.

If you are a creative soul yourself or know someone who is, please do encourage them to bring their ideas to life. If you’re looking for inspiration don’t hesitate to pop in to La Galeria Elefante or come and spend a crafternoon with me in my studio in the hills. Together we can keep crafts alive and support artisanal talent.
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