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Join us on our journey in this Elly world that we love! Read all about what fun we have on our adventures past, present and future both in Ibiza and across the globe.

Meet Victoria Durrer Gasse the Elly founder & curator


My very first visit to Ibiza was with my mother in 1970 and I of course fell hopelessly in love with the island way back then, spending every summer here thereafter. The scent of the pine forests, the sea, the sunsets, the relaxed vibe, the hippies and all the dirt roads really captivated me. Three month long summer holidays were a luxury and when we were lucky enough to come for Easter too, I was just in heaven!

As you can imagine, Ibiza in the ’70s was another world! There were very few tarmac roads, mostly all were dirt roads known as caminos, and as young teenagers we made our way from beaches to nightclubs on funky Mobylette mopeds. Perfect days were spent exploring the islands’ hidden coves with crystal clear waters, swimming with friends at sunset and dancing until dawn at the nightclubs; Pacha and the infamous KU were among our favourites. Sailing to and around Formentera with groups of friends on their boats, teenagers and kids camping on Espalmador, whilst parents slept on the boats enjoying their own parties under the moonlit sky. Memories of those summers are visions of picnics, laughter, music, dancing and my first kiss… all sweet joyous teenage awkwardness touched by salt, sand and the love of this island.

In the late ’90s, my husband François and I decided to move here permanently after our son Emile was born. Finding our dream house, an old finca perched on the top of a hill in Santa Agnes, was the first step to calling Ibiza home and we have never looked back. Using many traditional methods we have slowly renovated our home over the years and there really is nothing I love more than waking up to an incredible sunrise across the valley and taking long, country walks with my family and gorgeous dog Pluto.

I was approached in 2010 by my friend Sharon, owner of the La Galeria Elefante building and we began the journey of turning La Galeria Elefante into the beautiful, museum-like treasure trove that it is today. We recently dissolved our partnership and I am now the sole business owner, working hard with my incredible team to make La Galeria Elefante one of the most inspiring shops on the island to visit.

In business and in my private life I love to travel and so sourcing unique pieces for the shop is almost like a hobby. I am fortunate enough to be able to mix business with pleasure and am able to go to many places where I can explore the terrain of textiles, enjoy great food, cafes, meet new people and walk around and discover local markets. This opens up the doors to finding new NGOs to work with all over the world as collaborations with small businesses and talented artisans are a huge part of what we love to do best.

Winters are spent creating in my studio at home and preparing trips to India and Nepal to work with the NGOs and the Nepalese foundation. In recent years I have also made some amazing work relationships and can now proudly say that many of my Victoria Made With Love & Laughter items have been found in shops we love like Urban Outfitters & John Lewis.

La Galeria Elefante Collaborations & Pop-Ups

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La Galeria Elefante Collaborations with talented friends & partners everywhere

As well as our main treasure trove in Santa Gertrudis, we also work with a number of our favourite people at locations we love! If you are not able to pop in and see us here, please do try and visit one of the following pop-ups at whichever location best suits you.

Cas Gasi. A stunning rural hotel located right in the centre of the island. Ideal for a peaceful escape, surrounded by immaculately tended grounds where you can appreciate a sensational Ibiza sunset, relax by the pools or at the in-house spa. Even enjoy a meal prepared by their accomplished local chefs (by reservation only). Occupying a cosy corner of Cas Gasi is our small but sweet pop up shop with a selection of some of our most popular items, including floaty summer dresses, beach-side kaftans, silk trousers, scented candles, hand embroidered cushions and more. If you would like to know more about this peaceful haven, please contact Cas Gasi directly at

La Paloma. A countryside cafe, restaurant & shop in the most beautifully picturesque surroundings, with an eclectic mix of colourful furnishings set out under fruit trees and vines. Elegantly eccentric decor and a philosophy of encouraging healthy eating & providing food for the soul, makes this family run business an absolute pleasure to visit for both romantic meals, events or family outings. The shop here is a collaboration between La Paloma & La Galeria Elefante and is filled with pieces by their favourite local & international artisans as well as our own collections and unique pieces by Victoria. Browse through a wide selection of clothing including very special vintage pieces, Victoria´s own label & favourite brands and homewares as well as clothing & toys for kids. For more information please contact

We are over the moon to be able to say that we have also collaborated with Urban Outfitters & John Lewis in the UK:

Urban Outfitters.
We produced a lovely collection of 6 styles of dresses and working with their very easygoing fun loving team was great. Our capsule collection here was quite popular and sold out faster than we could have hoped for!

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Victoria Tie Dye Lace Up Midi Dress @ Urban Outfitters Scaled E
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John Lewis.
This was a collection of 5 dresses in our gorgeous prints, made with the amazing JLP team. This collaboration was born after meeting Jo, the head of women’s wear, at the Port Elliot Festival, chatting and laughing in the Cornish pouring rain! Jo loved our stand and we have loved collaborating with this very hard working, welcoming, warm and friendly team John Lewis & Partners.

These Ellies really never stop so keep your ears and eyes open and don’t miss our next collaboration or project!

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Women Empowering Women


In an attempt to aid the ongoing struggle to address poverty and injustice in the workforce in developing countries, we work closely with a number of different NGOs around the world and are always happy to be introduced to new ones.
Victoria’s sourcing trips to far away places have led her to form solid relationships with talented artisans in foreign lands, making her extremely aware of the need to protect dying crafts by encouraging fair working conditions. An intrinsic need to reinforce these working conditions and a love of intricate embroidery and precision needlework, go hand in hand with Elly’s Fair trade clothing ethics. This made SEWA the perfect NGO for us to partner with.

SEWA is the Self Employed Women’s Association; a group of women who have become strong & determined through unity and their support of one another. SEWA’s mandate is to strengthen women through establishing a common identity as informal workers, and to empower women with properly and fairly paid salaries. A major accomplishment in itself, SEWA became a registered Trade Union in the early 70s and has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Fair trade from a distance

Learning to work remotely with artisans is a challenge but the experience is incomparable; we are always thrilled with the end product and love working as a team. Laughing together at the end about the “lost in translation” details is heart-warming and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Many of our gorgeous fair trade clothing, cushions & homewares are made especially for us by SEWA, as well as an increasing number of pieces of clothing from the VICTORIA label. Victoria’s daydreams become ideas, these ideas become sketches, the sketches become detailed photos which are then sent to the lovely SEWA ladies who turn these specifications into beautiful pieces of embroidered art.
Over the years, our SEWA products have become increasingly popular and we love our selection of lavender filled embroidered pouches, scatter cushions, floral & under the sea cushions with heartfelt motifs on them, colourfully embroidered tea towels, hand loomed cottons and linens, bags, clothing and more!

It is very comforting to know that these pieces are made with love & laughter in surroundings & circumstances that are improving by the day and that your purchase is so much more than just an over-the-counter exchange.

Working With NGOs & Small Businesses

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Elly and Ethical trading

Made from the heart. Working alongside NGOs enables us to support women workers and their communities around the world. We support Ethical trading in South Africa & Indonesia, orphanages in Nepal and a number of NGOs in India.

Giving back is at the heart of Victoria Elefante’s ethos. Items designed by Victoria are handmade especially for us by artisans around the world in support of disappearing crafts, fair trade enterprises, NGOs and small businesses. A close relationship with NGOs such as SEWA, WIF & a Nepalese foundation allow our designs to be produced with love and with intricate attention to detail, while simultaneously improving working & living conditions for those that are struggling.

Supporting fair trade around the world

SEWA is the Self Employed Women’s Association in Delhi, which helps workers to achieve their goals of full employment and self reliance and overcome challenges.

WIF is the Women’s Interlink Foundation in Calcutta that rescues vulnerable young women, taking them out of human trafficking, giving them a home and teaching them a skill. Many of Victoria’s own designs are made by them as well as the production of her silk & cotton summer clothing collection and beach pieces…

NEPAL – We also work side by side with a foundation in Nepal, supporting local economy as well as traditional crafts & designs in a village in the mountains, helping women and children, and with an NGO that promotes change through a project of recycling plastic to keep the Himalayas clean.
We eagerly source gorgeous ethical trading pieces from small businesses around the globe that help disenfranchised people, such as Wonki Ware from South Africa.

Although we take pride in doing our part to sustain fair working conditions and ethical trading around the world, we also fully support & encourage local talent. We work closely with many island residents and always enjoy helping them promote their own brands within La Galeria Elefante whenever possible. Pop by at any time to see some fabulous pieces of art and keep an eye out for our blogs about these amazingly talented artisans.

A Peek Into The Life Of Hjordis Fogelberg-Ibiza Guide

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Dear Hjordis (Ibiza guide),
Thank you for allowing us to interview you about your Ibiza guide books and we look forward to supporting you in all your future endeavors,
The Elly Herd

An inquisitive mind is a happy mind and we love to find out a little more about the amazing people we work with. Hjordis Fogelberg, artist & author of the best-selling Ibiza guide My Ibiza & Formentera has been extremely busy over the years compiling content for her heartfelt guide. The guide is your one-stop-shop if you want to experience the side of Ibiza we all know and love, with bespoke insider tips about Hjordis´s favourite spots on both Ibiza & Formentera.

Born in Barcelona but raised in Ibiza, Hjordis has spent some time in the UK but calls Ibiza home. If living in Ibiza weren´t an option, Hjordis would quite happily move to the paradise island of Formentera. Passion is what drives most creative minds and it is no different for Hjordis who has always been an artist. Her passion for drawing is her favourite type of meditation and along with the poetic words of Jim Morrison from The Doors, it has helped her through any confusing or sad times. Hjordis is both a nighttime nutter and a daytime dreamer and often becomes annoyingly creative at night, waking up surrounded by post-its so as not to forget a single middle-of-the-night brainwave!

After spending the majority of her childhood filling up sketchbooks, Hjordis chose to study Graphic Design to lead her in a more commercial direction. Despite this, Hjordis has gone full circle and while deciding how to approach the visuals for her guide, realized that after illustrating the cover for the First Edition, the whole guide was better suited to her beautiful water colour sketches right the way through, rather than photographs.

If a complete career & lifestyle change were on the books for Hjordis for 1 year, we would have to visit this impressive character in Hawaii, spending her days as a pro surfer simultaneously possessing her chosen super power of flight in order to travel more & visit friends at will! While this is not currently an option, Hjordis is spreading her wings here on the island and is involved in another fantastic project – Love Ibiza Now. It is clear to see from her work that Hjordis has a deep love for our beautiful islands and so it came as no surprise to hear of her latest project, in collaboration with her friend Ana Lui. This venture is a conscientious effort to promote awareness, exercise this awareness and work together to maintain the beauty of our islands. The fresh Ibiza air is one of the things that Hjordis misses most while away so let´s all do our part to help protect our surroundings. Shop now Ibiza Guide